H2O 1000 ml Glass Bottle Copper

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  • Cello crystal clear glass bottle is 100 percent toxins free will not leach chemicals into your drink and retains freshness
  • The crystal clear ads very smart and elegant look to glass bottle ... (Read More)
A cheerful pattern adorns this brightly hued glass bottle. Bring home the colourful eccentricity of these Italian milk and water bottle for a pleasing sip each time as they are air tight and serve as an ideal way to store milk water juices or just for decoration pieces. Elegant sturdy design of beautiful glass water bottles are made of durable transparent glass built for reuse. Plastic and rubber flip top gasskets are easy to remove and put on keeping your homemade beverages sealed preserving carbonation or fermentation. With the airtight gassket these re-sealable bottles make the perfect glass carafe glass bottles wine bottles water pitcher and more. The flip-top bottles are dishwasher safe and the strong silica glass body offers superior resistance to impact and temperature changes. With 1000 ml giara glass bottle you'll have plenty to serve at your party. These elegant clear bottles with stoppers are bpa toxin chemical and Ld-free making it the safest and most durable choice as a beverage bottle. These beautiful glass bottles can be used as a decorative bottle also.

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