Organic Certified

Everything is Processed Naturally

Where Everything is Natural, Homemade and Handmade. The Earth Reserve does not believe in adding chemical additives to lengthen the shelf life of the product, enhance its taste, make it look a certain color or to impart a certain flavor. We believe that the flavor, colour, taste and all other aspects of a product should be natural in every way, which is why we do not add preservatives, flavor enhancers, artificial colors or flavors. We strive to bring you products just as Nature intended. We brings you a collection of all natural jams, fruit preserves and fruit spreads, along with natural pickles and raw, wild honey. These homemade jams, preserves and pickles are made from unique, tropical fruits and vegetables such as Lovilovi, Mango Ginger Rhizome and Bird's Eye Chilli among others. The raw, wild honey is honey in it's purest form, made by bees in the wooded and plantation areas of Coorg rather than on a bee farm.

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