koya's Shanthi Nivas India Temple Incense Sticks / Natural Fragrance - 20gm - Choose The Scent and Use It At Home or Workplace

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Bullet Point 1:
20gm, 14 Sticks(each box)
Bullet Point 2:
Keep burning incense away from Flammable material. Incense to be placed on fireproof surface. Keep out reach of children.
Bullet Point 3:
Koya's Agarbathies are Eco-Friendly,Carbon Neutral,Non Toxic and Fills Positive Energy, Light the tip of the incense sticks and let glow.
Bullet Point 4:
Koya's Products Made Since 1976 Gives 100% Satisfaction Assured.Koya's Suitable For Gifting : Add More Aroma to Your Loved One's Life by Getting Them,These Fragrance Sticks On Occasions and Other Festive

Home is the comfort of our lives, where we are safe, sheltered and happy. The peace we enjoy at home is incomparable to anywhere else. Maintain the beautiful balance of your home with Shanthi Nivas Agarbathis.Blended with a mixture of serene scents, Shanthi Nivas is created to calm the mind and enrich the soul. Let the beautiful, rich fragrances come together and illuminate your house in a blanket of peace and tranquility like no other.Established in the year 1970 at Bengaluru, Karnataka, “Koya's Perfumery Works” is a Partnership based company, engaged as the manufacturer of Agarbatti Stick, Dhoop Stick and incense Fragrance Stick. We manufacture the products after getting preference from the customers. Also, severe superiority checks are been approved by us over the whole assortment, to assure that our products are faultless and are in fulfillment with the norms defined by the industry.