Welcome Small Girl Decoration Foil Balloon Small Shower Decoration Material Set Combo 1st Brthday Decoration Newborn Small Party Small Shower Party for Girls - Pink

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  • 1) Welcome Small Foil Balloon - 1 Pc.
  • 2) Small Girl Foil Balloon - 2 Pcs. 3) Pink Confetti Balloons - 2 Pcs.
  • This foil balloon is helium quality and suitable to inflate with both helium or air. This balloon is self sealing so no tying with fingers required.
  • Can be repeated use convenient inflation and deflation! Use a medium width drinking straw and insert it into the self-sealing valve of the balloon. Once you get to the end of the sealing valve you will here a puff of air escape. Then slowly push the air o
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Color:PINKAn especially magnificent balloons set Sweet and Beautifull decoration for your Brthday party Small Shower 1st Brthday etc. Available for recycling usage can float when filled with hydrogen or helium Material: Aluminum Foil Package Includes: 5 Balloons

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