Gold 19Th Brthday Decorations and Balloon Pump Combo Gold Number Foil Balloon(16 Inches) and Confetti Latex Balloons Bouquet Real Gold Party Supplies Anniversary Decor

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  • Number foil balloon measures 16 inches and does not float with helium - solid balloon bouquets made with natural rubber latex that supports helium and air
  • Luxurious colors in 5 each of metallic latex balloons 3 pieces of clear balloons prefilled with gold confetti pieces 1 pieces of bright hert foil balloons
  • Perfect for many occasions whether you have got a classroom valentine's day party a classroom valentine's day celebration a beautiful wedding or a special hert warming home event
  • Latex: we monitor our balloons in the production process so they have a much higher latex content than the industry standard which means they are lightweightt
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Foil balloons will stay inflated with helium between 6-8 hours and 8-10 hours with air. -Tie a curling ribbon below the valve of the foil balloon rather than above to prevent air or helium leakage. -Confetti balloons will typically stay inflated between 10-12 hours with air or 8-10 hours with helium. -Pump 10% of air then 90% of helium to keep confetti scattered and help extend floating time. -Conduct static electricity by rubbing a soft cloth against balloon so the confetti clings to the balloon walls. -Generally 12-inch latex balloons filled with helium will float between 6-10 hours. -Balloons filled with air will stay inflated between 8-10 hours outdoors and 12-20 hours indoors. -For outdoor displays under-inflate the balloon by first over-inflating the balloons then releasing gass so the balloon can easily expand later to the weather. -Helium is sensitive to temperature; weather will shrink balloons while heat will pop your balloons. -In preparation for a party test only one latex balloon the day before to monitor heat humidity or rain in your environment.

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