Foredecor Set of 25 Led Balloons Polka Dots Led Balloons for Brthday Decoration Party Spinster Party

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  • Foredecor set of 25 polka led balloons for party decoration Brthday anniversary party prop (pack of 25)
  • These led light balloons are a perfect accessory for Brthday anniversary party prop
  • Easy to use. Simply rotate the screw on the top of the balloons clockwise
  • These led balloons will stay afloat for up to 5-10 hours
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Set of 25 polka dots led balloons assorted/multi colours. Set of 5 packs of 5 pieces each. Planning to throw a party? - impress your guest with these a unique party with the polka dots led light balloons. These LED light balloons are a perfect accessory for any type of party.Hence it is designed it in such a way that it doesn't cause or trigger health problems. The batteries that provide power to these balloons are properly encapsulated and secured in safe plastic; After all our customers safety is our concern. Magical and out-of-this world experience - just like the Shining stars bring light to the darkest nights these LED balloons can bright up any dull moment. Stun your guests colleagues classmates with this eye-catching and entertaining led balloons slow that most people have never seen led feature works best in dim/dark environments.

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