Women's Block Print Simple - 60x60 Cotton Traditional Kutch Handicrafts 3 Piece Salwar Suit Dress Material (Pink Blue)
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  • ART : Kutchhi Handicraft Hand Block Print
  • STYLE : Traditional Kutch Handicraft Women's Ethnic Wear
  • MATERIAL : COTTON - 60x60 Thread Count
  • SIZE : 2.25 Mts 2.00 Mt Bottom Dupatta - 2.25 Mts
Ethnics of Kutch presents Kutch Handicraft Hand Block Printed Cotton Dress Material Three piece Salwar Suits. This Kutchhi Ethnic Wear Fabric are printed manually with Wooden Blocks Carved our in various fine designs. This wooden Blocks are Soaked in Dyes of Various Colours and they are applied on the Fabric. Printed Fabric initially process in Arabic Gum and Lime Water to improve Adhesion of Dye Paste on Block and Fabric. Processed Fabric is then Washed in Hot Water to get rid of excess dyes and gum.