12 to 13" World Ocean blue & Brown color Globe Desktop Decorative Rotating Geography Earth Table Decor - Perfect for Home, Office & Classroom By Globes Hub

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Bullet Point 1:
WEIGHT -600 to 700 grams (Approx)
Bullet Point 2:
SIZE - Globe Circumference: 25" inches (approx) ; Height: 12 to 13" Inches (approx) ; Base Diameter: 5" Inches (approx)
Bullet Point 3:
Base Colour: Beige ;P.S : Colours might look a bit darker or lighter in thePicture, depend on your screen settings
Bullet Point 4:
This Globe is a perfect gift for Boss, Travellers, Husbands, wife, Kids, or friends on Christmas Day, Birthday, Valentines Day, Anniversary, Thanksgiving Day etc

It’s an educational and instructional world globe that rotates just about like how our earth does and you can put it on a flat surface. It would look nice whether you put it on office desk or your study table, and have the world at your fingertips for endless journeys of fun and learning. It’s a durable and portable designed piece and this rotating globe with an arc and base is sturdy. You can carry from one place to another as a piece of art due to its compact size and lightweight design which make it convenient to to identify various areas on map that may classify the countries, ocean, continents, nations, political boundaries etc. It’s perfect to use by school and college teachers for sharing the excellence knowledge with students and presenting this to be appreciated for its amazing design and ability that is perfectly suitable for any kind of desk decor and it’s ideal for rewarding and thanks giving to students and teachers and also for occasional presenting to travelers, friends, wife, boss and your loved ones. It requires easy cleaning and no maintenance.