Zoivane Men AFTER-SHAVE NATURAL GEL CREAM, for non sticky and non-alcohol feel, 100ml

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Bullet Point 1:
Non-sticky feel and instantly gets absorbed
Bullet Point 2:
Does not contain alcohol; non-irritant and healing properties
Bullet Point 3:
Suitable for all skin types
Bullet Point 4:
Easy to apply,Convenient and handy packaging

Zoivane Men have introduced After Shave Moisturiser with healing benefits that can settle down any irritation or burning sensation. It is a non sticky formula which gets easily absorbed in the skin, and has cooling properties. Not only this, it also hydrates and nourishes the dry skin post shaving. All you need to do is take 1 pump of the after shave and gently apply over your face, and say goodbye to post shaving banes.

How To Apply –

Take small quantity of Zoivane Men after shave natural gel cream in your hand and rub your palms together and apply all over your face and neck after shave.