Reusable Drinking Straw Set
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  • Can be recycled at stainless steel recycling facilities.
  • We ensure that all our packaging is eco-friendly
  • food grade Stainless Steel & Copper
  • A simple rinse after each use o... (Read More)
Disposable Straws creates unnecessary waste and does a significant damage to the environment. A plastic straw usually takes around 300-500 Years to biodegrade. That’s just one straw by one person in a day. But it’s not the only way to enjoy your beverages, it can be more mindful. Use a reusable drinking straw which doesn’t have to be disposed and can be used for a long time. Our Reusable drinking straws comes in Stainless Steel and it keeps yours and the environment’s health in check! Our straws are chic & easy to carry while you are on the go.