Aquasafe Eco Fliptop Bottle 2l 2pc

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  • Spill-Proof: Lightweightt and spill-proof - perfect for carrying on roadtrips treks or around the city. The leak-proof cap also lets you store these horizontally on a fridge shelf.
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Size:Set of 2Stay hydrated with these eco-friendly extra-large stylish Aquasafe Eco Bottles by Tupperware. Use them for storing chilled water in the fridge or for pouring water out during a meal. Their curvy yet compact design ensures that they fit into the door of any refrigerator. Their leakproof flip-top lids ensure that no water leaks out while pouring drinking or storing. Their capacity of 2 litres makes them ideal for carrying on road trips or on treks. Don’t buy questionable bottled water from the roadside while you’re on the move – carry it from home in these! Suited for water or water-based beverages like iced tea or lemonade. Not suitable for hot beverages or carbonated drinks.

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