Aquasafe 1l Bottle 4pc

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  • Spill-Proof: Liquid-tight lids ensure that there are no leaks. Perfect for when you're on the move.
  • Easy Open: Wide tab on cap allows easy opening and closing of the bottles.
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Keeping yourself hydrated is the mantra that most of want to follow but not all of us do! But with Tupperware’s Aquasafe 1 litre bottles you can keep a check on your daily intake of water. They’re suitable for chilling water in the fridge and equally suitable for carrying around when you’re on the move. They are leak-proof and have an anti-slip base making them perfect for the car or your office desk. Be environmentally conscious by opting for these reusable bottles rather than using one-time use low-grade plastic bottles. Durable and easy to maintain these will be your hydration companions for life!

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