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Digital Printed Pure Copper Water Bottle Kids School Water Bottle Mickey Mouse and Donald Design, 1000 ML

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  • FEATURES: Digital Printed Pure Copper Water Bottle, Color: Multicolor, Material: Pure Copper, Weight: 300 Gram, Height: 10.50" INCH, Width/Diameter: 3.0" INCH , Capacity: 1000 ML
  • Restore your health with copper water healthy lifestyle: now easy and healthy way of living is much easier than expected .
  • The perfect way to chill water copper water helps water stay cooler for longer. This copper jug is heat sensitive; let hot drinks such as hot water, than tumbler will be hot. Ayurveda benefits essential allows drinking water to rest in the jug over night
  • This product will be an excellent pick for you
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HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Prisha India Craft Copper Utensils: - At this time when the world is riddled with pollution, our countrymen are using high potency tablets even for minor problems which is spreading poision in their bodies. Our Rishes, saints and even doctors have found a very easy method to deal with such disorders. The best remedy to overcome these problems is to store water in a copper utensil overnight and drink four glasses every morning. After this you can wash your mouth and brush your teeth. It is also advisable not to take tea for at least 45 minutes. It is useful to drink water before sunrise for all including healthy persons. a) Clean your copperware by hand and avoid dishwasher as the detergent can cause oxidation leading to permanent damage. b) Use a solution of equal quantities vinegar or lemon juice and salt diluted with some water at such times but don't use it regularly. c) Avoid scratchy cleaners like steel wool. d) A simple, soft cleaning liquid on soap base, hot water and a soft washing cloth is best for daily use. e) Use Copper Shining Powder for cleaning the copper utensils. Completely safe and gentle on hands. f) Copper Utensils Tarnish from time to time. This is Normal for an Authentic Copper utensils. ; Many Customers Love the Vintage/Antique Tarnished Look Instructions: Copper utensils needs to be cleaned at regular interval for removing the dark marks. Dark marks are formed due to oxidization process. It is the basic nature of Pure Copper that it oxidizes when it comes in the contact of air and water.
Prisha India Craft

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