Puro Classic Insulated Water Bottle 1100ML Red

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  • Insulated Water Bottle
  • 100 percent food grade
  • Keep content for long hours
  • Ideal for beverage
For over two decades cello has been continuously evolving anticipating consumer needs to manufacture range of hygienic products to help preserve health if your loved ones. Cello has an unmatched range of insulated thermo ware products with world classic designs made from German polyurethane foam manufactured at their ultra-modern plant in daman and haridwar. Its range includes water jugs water bottles lunch carrier casseroles jugs flasks and more to keep food hot and tasty or to enjoy a hot or beverage. After intensive research cello has developed unique breakthrough product “ thermi guard” is an innovative polyurethane protective shields which gives cello’s thermoware range superior performance year after year. No wonder millions of families in India and around the world have put their trust in cello After all wherever there is love wherever there is joy there’s cello a companion of your life.

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