Barbie Water Bottle Kids Special Offer

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  • Spill resistant water bottles.
  • Ergonomically-designed lightweight and compact Ideal for home as well as outdoor use
  • Perfect size for refrigerator storage Tab on cap provides easy gr... (Read More)
Tupperware is a leading brand that has created a niche for itself in the food storage segment. All of their products are crafted from high-grade non-toxic plastic that ensures the much-needed safety and durability for daily use. Made from 100 percent virgin food-grade plastic the package contains high-quality bottles that are spill resistant to assure you of a good experience. Buy the Tupperware multi-coloured water bottle set and fulfil your water storage needs in style.These Tupperware bottles are lightweight compact and easy to store. The bottles are easy to clean and you can use a mild detergent once in a while. You can also use a bottle brush to gently clean the inside section of these bottles.The Tupperware Water Bottle Set contains superior-quality bottles that are safe for you and your family. The bottle cap features a tab that provides an easy lever to seal and open the bottle. The bottles are made of non-toxic material which provides a completely safe storage space for your liquids unlike PET-based commonly found in the market.

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