Aquasafe Fliptop Bottle 750ml 4pc

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  • Spill-Proof: The Tupperware Aquasafe bottle is lightweight spill-proof and attractive making it perfect for carrying with you when you're on the move. The wide base of the bottle keeps the bottle f... (Read More)
The importance of staying hydrated at all times cannot be stressed enough. And this is especially true when you’re out and about the city flitting between errands and meetings and at times forgetting to drink water at all! Tupperware’s Aquasafe Flip-top water bottles are for those times. Carry them with you wherever you go and you’ll find yourself drinking water more often during the day. With their ergonomic design that’s easy to fit in anywhere and also easy to grip and use you’ll find that they are very easy to get used to! They fit perfectly in the fridge door too and their flip-top makes them ideal for your nightstand water bottle.

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