Aqua Safe Square Frosty Plastic Water Bottle Set 500ml Set of 4 Multicolour

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  • Pack Of 4 bottle (500ml each)
  • Spill proof and liquid tight cover allows you to carry water on the go and store in the fridge
  • Ergonomically designed bottles ideal for storing and carrying water
Multipurpose Bottle Set for Everyday Use Available in a set of 4 the Tupperware Aqua Safe square frosty plastic water bottle set is the perfect solution for those looking to store and carry around their beverages. Featuring a frosty finish these bottles make it easy to identify the liquid contents without having to open the cap. The caps feature a unique tab that facilitate opening of the bottle with minimal effort. You can use these bottles for storing water as well as other beverages such as fruit juices soft drinks buttermilk and more. The 500ml capacity of these bottle makes it ideal for carrying your favourite drinks for one or more people. Ergonomic Design with Robust Build Quality Featuring a highly ergonomic square design the Tupperware Aqua Safe water bottle set can perfectly fit inside the compartments of most refrigerators without wasting space. The wide mouth design of these bottles makes it easy to refill and also aids in cleaning. The light weight and compact size of these bottles ensure easy storage inside most bags making it a highly portable solution. Elegantly Designed. Easy to Maintain Featuring a highly attractive design and available in assorted colours the Tupperware Aqua Safe water bottles can greatly enhance the look of your refrigerator or dining table space. Made from highly durable plastic these bottles are easy to clean and maintain. The wide mouth design of these bottles also helps with easy washing.

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