Loban Cups (60 Cups_Brown)
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  • Hold the cup by the tip of the narrow stem.
  • Light the upper side rim of the cup over fireWait till the entire rim starts burning evently.
  • After the entire rim glows blow out the fla... (Read More)
Pack of 5 with Total 60 Loban Cups. From loban dhoop Get positive freshness and spirituality at your home and workplace with this Sambrani Cup that comes with a stand inside The aroma of this natural sambrani cup will reduce the and the holy smoke will remove all the negativity within a few minutes of burning.PURE LOBAN CUP DHOOP is a spiritual ceremony performing order to appeal to the planetary beings or nature for grace and intervention. During this ritual an offer in is made to the fire which loban as the main ingredient. Pure Loban Dhoop Cup True to its name will inspire the gods to answer your prayers. Pure Lobal cup are spiritually very significance and scientifically too.