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Patanjali Dant Kanti Advanced Manjan (Pyorrhea etc)

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  • To be used in the morning and before bedtime with help of finger tip/soft toothbrush or as directed by the dental physician.Both children and adults can use Dant Kanti Advanced Manjan.
  • 100% pure Natural
  • Dental Care
  • 100gm
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Start your day with Patanjali Advanced Dant Kanti Manjan to protect gums and teeth and keep mouth fresh. The manjan is a trusted Ayurvedic formulation providing relief from pyorrhoea, gingivitis, halitosis, periodontal disease, toothache, bad breath, spongy gums and gingival bleeding. A mix of 26 powerful herbs and plants, such as neem, haldi, lavang (cloves), babool, vajradanti (named so because it is said to make teeth hard as diamond), dalchini, and muletti, the tooth powder robustly defends against germs and decay. Also reduces sensitivity and increases tightness in gums. Keeps mouth odour free for long. Whitens teeth and may be helpful in reducing yellow spots that develop from smoking. Note: Brush with Patanjali Dant Kanti Advanced Toothpaste thoroughly after meals or at least twice a day till symptoms subside, or use as directed by a dentist or physician. Children below 7 years need to use paste as advised by physician/dentist.Pyorrhea generally happens to people those who have constipaation.This manjan will cure the problem if used regularly also do pranayam and Kapalbhati if you can.Use this manjan after every meal.Benefits:-* Contains Neem which has a traditional usage for toothache, gingivitis and general oral hygiene.* Very much helpful in pyorhhea having from a long time.* Beneficial for children having yellow teeth.* Regular use of it cures spongy, bleeding gums and swelling in gums.* Pyorrhea* Gingivitis* Toothache* Bad breath* Spongy gums* Bleeding gums* Neem - 12g* Vajradanti - 1g* Bakul - 2g* Harad - 2g* Vidanga - 2g* Babool - 12g* Pilu - 2g* Tomar - 3g* Pudina Satva - 2g* Laung - 2g* Haldi - 2g* Pippali Choti - 2g* Akarkara - 2g* Dalchini - 1g* Mulethi - 2g* Khadir - 2g* Apamarg - 2g* Adrak - 1g* Badi Elaichi - 2g* Kali Mirch - 6g* Ajwain - 3g* Kasni - 1g* Sphatik bhasm - 18g* Sendha Namak - 10g* Dhamasa - 6g

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