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  • Use morning and before bed time to brush teeth
  • 100% pure Natural
  • Dental Care
  • 90gm
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Healthy, clean and shiny teeth are now easily possible with Patanjali Toothbrush. Its angular head reaches every part of your mouth while the soft yet sturdy bristles gently sweep out any food particles lodged in the crevices of the teeth and gums. The rubber middle provides a strong grip for you to brush away plaque, residual food and bacteria. Designed to polish teeth gently with every use, Patanjali Toothbrush is ready in every way to protect your teethos wellbeing. Now with Patanjali Toothbrush, you will look forward daily to fortifying your teethos health every time you brush. For best results, use twice daily with other Patanjali oral health products.Removes decaying particles, plaque and germs Reaches far corners of the mouth Polishes and sparkles teeth Improves oral hygiene ,strong gripbrush

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