Thillais Masala Indian Black Pepper Powder 50 Gram 100% Natural Spices (kaali Mirch Powder)

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Thillai’s black pepper powder is made from dry grinding of high quality premium Malabar pepper corns. Thillai’s pepper powder is highly pungent and flavorful suitable for all Indian curries. It’s free from adulterants, preservative, artificial colour and flavorThillai’s makes everyday cooking easy and fun. We understand that life can get pretty hectic and cooking can seem to be chore.. With Thillai’s everyday meals become so much more fun with our Easy range single serve packs that offer a range of cooking mixes based on regional Tamil Nadu cuisine. From the daily rasam to a more exotic biryani we making it easy and tasty while ensuring the authentic taste of each recipe are captured in every pack. Thillai’s is committed to ensuring that you get the best product every time. We do this by following a rigorous food safety system and take care to ensure that we produce consistently good quality products every day. We keep our ingredients simple and use only natural ingredients in all products.

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