Spice Platter Clove Powder - Laung Powder - 100 g

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India is home of a large variety of spices that are significant cooking ingredients to any cuisine. Indian Cuisines are known for its bold & complex flavours. Spices are the remarkable ingredient which gives aroma, texture and taste to food. For authentic cooking, the key to making a truly delicious meal is by choosing Pure & Unadulterated Spices. But it was noticed that food is losing its authentic taste due to diminished purity in ingredients. Cooks carve for authentic spices. But because of busy work life and personal limitations, it is difficult to get pure & natural spices.Spice Platter is an eminent name engaged in manufacturing & processing Pure & Quality products. It provides the finest food products for the culinary needs of people. It has a variety of spices and brings it directly from the heart of Rajasthan, that is Jodhpur. Try out the unique range of spices and other products from this brand. Our objective to bring authentic & traditional taste to every home. We work hard to source the raw material from their place of origin, process and blend them without compromising the quality and food standards. We ensure that the final product is fresh, natural and pure with the richness of aroma, color and flavor. We deliver our products right at your doorsteps. Our focus is product quality, value for your money, and customer satisfaction.

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Spice Platter Pure Clove Powder, 100g
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Unique aroma and flavor, fully seeded, hand selected
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Versatile Seasoning: With a strong sweet aroma and hot pungent taste, a pinch of clove powder is enough to temper any dishes and shall be used carefully!!
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This laung powder is used both for sweet baking and in savory foods and is an important component of many spice blends like garam masala, five-spice powder..Eat Fresh! Stay Healthy with Spice Platter