Aaharved Organic Black Pepper Whole , 200 Grams(7.05 OZ) -USDA certified

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Bullet Point 1:
This is a Vegetarian product
Bullet Point 2:
Ripened by Nature so significantly better taste
Bullet Point 3:
How to use -chew 1-2 black peppercorns every morning .you can have it in the form of black pepper oil (black pepper corns diluted in one cup of water)
Bullet Point 4:
12 Months Shelf life & Packed in a High Quality Re-sealable Pack

Aaharved Spices are grown in certified Organic farms across India in the most pristine and pollution free environment. So while you feel satisfied on buying the purest and 100% pesticide free food, your taste buds will thank you for the distinct and aromatic flavor that only our spices bring out. Aaharved spices are 100% Organic and conform to USDA standards for organic products

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