100 % organic Black Til/Sesame Seeds 200 Gm (7.05 OZ)

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This is a  Vegetarian  product.
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Certified Organic.Our Farmers Practise Ancient Natural Vedic Style Of Farming,Using Organic Manure Like Animal Excreta, Vegetable Compost & Neem Cakes. Our Farmers Use Methods Like Crop Rotation & Hand Weeding To Maintain Soil Fertility And Soil Quality & To Produce The Wholesome Crop Which Is Very High In Its Nutrient Content. No Chemicals, Pesticides, Preservatives.
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The Back Label Of The Product Pack Displayed On The Page Is For Illustration Purpose Only.When A Customer Places An Order For Our Products, It Is Dispatched With All The Required Packaging Dates,Product Wise Expiry Time Frame Indicated On The Back Label.
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No chemicals preservatives Black sesame/til. Combination of flax seeds powder white til and black til can be used at the time of kneading the dough for chapati fo the entire family

Our Organik Tree organic / naturally grown black til / sesame 200 Gms Certified organic. our farmers practise ancient natural vedic style of farming using organic manure like animal excreta vegetable compost and neem cakes. Our farmers use methods like crop rotation and hand weeding to maintain soil fertility and soil and to produce the wholesome crop which is very high in its nutrient content.