Aaharved Organic Premium Indian Premium Basmati Rice, 1 KG (35.27 OZ) -USDA certified

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Bullet Point 1:
Rice provides provide good source of vitamin B1
Bullet Point 2:
Ripened by Nature so significantly better taste
Bullet Point 3:
How to use -Meal Staple
Bullet Point 4:
12 Months Shelf life & Packed in a High Quality Re-sealable Pack

Rice provides provide fast and instant energy, helps in fighting constipation and is also a good source of vitamin B1 to the human body. Aaharved Basmati Rice is handpicked from Organic farms across India where they are grown in a pristine & Pollution free environment so that you enjoy all the goodness that mother nature has to offer. Aaharved white Rice is 100% Organic and conforms to USDA standards for organic products