Yummium Handmade Organic Mulberry Spread - 100% Natural Free from Artificial Preservatives - 225GM

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With 66% Certified Organic Mulberries from the humble silk tree, this is to be eaten to be believed. It is the queen of toppings on the toast and a crown on top of a scoop of ice cream.Konkan Kitchen is a 100% natural fruit product manufacturing company. We manufacture 100% Natural fruit spreads, hot sauces and pickles. We are constantly innovating with new products and experimenting with all that nature and the farmer can bring to us while we bring to your home the best natural products. Our commitment to our customers is that our products are 100% natural, there are no artificial chemical preservatives, color or flavor added to any of our products packaged in environment friendly glass bottles.Konkan Kitchen aims to serve natural fruity goodness to customers, uncorrupted by artificial ingredients. Their recipes have been perfected by numerous iterations in their food grade kitchen and each project is a unique foray into serving their customers the best.Based out of our FSSAI certified kitchen, we proudly declare that the only ingredients that you spot in our kitchen is fruit, Sulphur less sugar, lemons, spices and condiments. Even the fruit that we procure is table Grade A fruit and not pulp. Quality inputs and hand processing have helped our products build loyal customers and fans throughout India!


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