Almond flour 100 % best quality Pure Indian taste cuisine Indian food - Quick cook, good for health200g

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Pack Type :Brown Standee Pouch
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Status : PCF
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Shelf Life : 12 months
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Weight :200g

Sambhuti’, a unit of Dhatu, is a certified organic production facility following India Organic and USDA Organic standards.Dhatu was started with a vision of touching more lives organically by the combined effort of two people from Mysore, India. Although, the initial intention was to start organic farming, the idea gradually evolved to provide a market place for organic farmers to reach urban consumers. Thus “Dhatu” was born to supply all things required to live the organic way of life. Our Vision: "To Inspire life through holistic eco exploration and our Mission: "To promote sustainability through Products & Services."Started as an experience gourmet store, Dhatu soon spread its wings into other areas. Today Dhatu includes, stores, restaurants, classes, production house, and more initiatives in the works.Our Core Value are Quality to maintain the highest satisfaction of products and services. Maintaining the Organic integrity through out the supply chain, focus on local and fresh produces. To create the unique shopping experience driven by passion, reliability and simplicity. To support small marginal farmers and their organizations.