FabBox Beach Snack Indian Oats Chaat Delight Best Evening Snack Full of Protein and Fiber Best Snack for Birthday Parties - 150GM

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Bullet Point 1:
Sugar Free, Dairy Free,Carbohydrate free
Bullet Point 2:
Ingredients: Bengal Gram , Green Gram Wheat Flakes pearl millet , oats Flakes , Flaxseed soyabeans, Lemon Juice powder and Extracts)vegetable oil ( palmolein oil or com oil )*contains soyabean *May contains traces of peanuts
Bullet Point 3:
Calories: 461

Every been to a beach waiting for that lemonee mix bhel? No? Don't worry we have got you covered with this tangy healthy beach bhel of ours! you are welcome!FabBox is a healthy snack subscription box company believing that Healthy can be Yummy. Fab-Box like most of the renowned Mumbai grubs curates succulent snacks but with a natural twist and promising ingredients. Endeavoring to beat the stereotype that only junk can be delicious; FabBox is a delectable attempt to poach wholesome canapés. Striving to please the palate with diversity, Fab-Box hunts for exclusive ingredients from over 26 countries that are handed over to virtuoso chefs and adept artisans in India to customize unbeatable 52 fresh-faced bites. Fab-Box like to call ourselves a healthy habit that you love! We strive to make our crave-worthy snacks very healthy. The ingredients used in the snacks are sourced from highest quality farmlands produced in small batches to maintain freshness. Our chefs strive hard to get you the delightful taste in the healthiest way of preparation. We are Foodies who believe the love for food should complement the benefits it has and not otherwise. We have rolled up our sleeves to jump in the game of making snacking healthy and fun! No Artificial Colour, No Artificial Sweetener, No harmful Chemicals, No Fried Snacks. 100% Vegetarian and made with nutritious ingredients.