Sunflower Seed Butter - Creamy Stone Ground All Natural Healthy Bread Spread-150Gm (5.29 Oz) Vegan Gluten Free No Added Salt Or Sugar Keto Friendly Snacks (1)

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Bullet Point 1:
This is Vegetarian Product.
Bullet Point 2:
Cultivated in India.
Bullet Point 3:
CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND PREMIUM GRADE: Our products are certified by USDA and India organic. It is unprocessed and contains no preservatives or chemicals.
Bullet Point 4:
Pure and Natural.

Number Of Items:1 ,OneLife Organic & Hand-picked for the millennials. Committed to improving your quality of life and bring positivity keeping the age-old tradition alive by soaking sprouting and stone grinding to retain the natural goodness. Sunflower seeds are rich in Magnesium Protein and Vitamin E and a good source of healthy fats. The seeds are slow roasted and stone grounded to make a delicious creamy butter. This spread doesnt contain any stabilizers additives & sugar. Keto-friendly Low carb high fat diet Rich in protein and essential fats Vegan gluten free unsweetened Good for heart How to Use? Spread it on toasts. Add it on smoothies. Use it as a dip it for fruits and roasted vegetables. Also it can also be used for baking. Use a clean and dry spoon everytime. How to Store? Store in a cool and dry place. Refrigeration will help maintain the freshness and increase the shelf life. Oil separation occurs naturally since there are no added stabilizers. Stir well before every serving.