Farm Naturelle Virgin Mustard Oil And Black Sesame Seed (Gingelly) Oil (Pack Of 2) - 415 ML X 2 (14.03oz) - Organic Certified

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Bullet Point 1:
This is a Vegetarian product
Bullet Point 2:
100% Pure, tasty and healthy cooking Oil
Bullet Point 3:
Mustard oil is better than any other cooking oil. High source of Vitamin-E. Healthiest Oil for our body.
Bullet Point 4:
Farm natural produce presents all natural products without adding any chemicals, artificial flavors, sugar or any other additive. 100 Percent purity guaranteed.

Farm Natural Produce presents all Natural products without adding any chemicals, Artificial Flavors, or any other Additive. 100% Purity guaranteed. The Mustard oil is also called KADWA Oil in Hindi which means bitter in English hence the first time users might find it little bitter, however the green vegetables cooked in it taste extremely delicious and are healthy. Sesame Oil is king of all the Oils with uses in cooking as well as body massaging. Free 40 Gms Raw honey of any variety
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