DR. COW Indian Cow's Vedic Ghee - 300 ML (10.14oz)

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Bullet Point 1:
100% Organic Indian Breed Cow's Milk .
Bullet Point 2:
100 % Pure Panchgavya products only from Indian Breed / Desi Cows
Bullet Point 3:
Product of India with real taste.
Bullet Point 4:
It can be used for Various Therapies, Puja and Cooking.

DOCTOR COW supports all Goshalas. This Organization is assisting goshalas , by purchasing Cow Panchgavya ( five products obtained from the cow, viz. dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd) from them, hence indirectly bartering divine gavyas against sumptuous grass, water and shelter for the Mother Cow. The word Kalpavriksha means Desire fulfilling tree which is available in Lord Krishna’s abode. As mentioned in scriptures, GAUMATA is kamdhenu that can fulfill everyone’s desires. This organization is availing a real time opportunity to the society for Health, Wealth and Devotional Prosperity through GOSEVA. KALPAVRIKSHA envisions to Connect ALL Cow Lovers through a campaign - SERVE OUR MOTHER COW. Objective is to create awareness about the importance of Cow Bi-Products in terms of HEALTH, WEALTH & DEVOTION. This will finally help in the implementation of Varnashram System in the Society.