100% Pure Bilona MIx Cow Ghee (500 GR)

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Bullet Point 1:
100 Percent Natural Zero Preservative
Bullet Point 2:
Shelf Life :- 180 Days (6 Months)
Bullet Point 3:
Heals And Nourishes The Body: Regular Consumption Of Our High Quality A2 Ghee Helps Reduce Cholesterol, Improves The Heart's Functioning And Reduces Joint Pain.
Bullet Point 4:
100% Authentic Ghee

Bilona Ghee is typically the clarified butter prepared by churning butter on low flame. It is used not just as daily nourishment but also for medicinal and religious purposes. MAA is an initiative by a young group of entrepreneurs to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing food products that satisfy the taste buds without compromising on health. At MAA, we strive to blend a mother’s affection with the flavours of all organic ingredients in our range of authentic delicacies. We believe that positive vibrations and intentions while cooking and preparation of food keep a vital role in the formation of its taste and texture. The products that we offer at MAA are natural, healthy, organic & absolutely unique. We strive to deliver the most superior quality, prominent service and best in class products. MAA aims to provide you with such products that you indulge in a guilt-free snacking that you can munch on anytime.