White Pepper Whole (Safed Mirch) 250gms
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  • Authentic Indian White Pepper from trusted sources. It is a rare spice from Wayanad Kerala.
  • It has a mildly spicy flavor and is used in Chinese Vietnamese. British and Swedish cooking.
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Size:250GramsOur premium White pepper is a rare spice from authentic Indian sources. A natural husking process is done on the unripe Black peppercorn by keeping it in a jute bag with water. This removal of the outer cover exposes its inner White seed. It has a mildly spicy flavor and is commonly used in Chinese Vietnamese British and Swedish cooking. Many at times white pepper are preferred in cooking due to its aesthetic appeal. Benefits of White pepper :- White pepper is an extremely beneficial spice. rich in antioxidants Vitamin C Calcium Manganese and Zinc. White pepper acts as a great addition to daily food habits as it is mildly spicy and benefits the digestive system. It makes for an easy way to a healthy lifestyle. Add them to your delicious food recipes to infuse a punch of flavour without compromising on your health.

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