Shahi Jeera 250gms Afghani Jeera Cumin Seeds
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  • Shahi Jeera is also called Caraway seeds in English. These are darker and tastier than the normal Jeera (Cumin seeds).
  • Shahi Jeera is used in cooking specific dishes like Korma Mughali cuis... (Read More)
Size:250 GramsShah-Jeera" or Caraway is not a seed? It's a fruit!! Known by many names like Meridian Fennel and Persian Cumin Shahjeera or Caraway Seeds contain an incredible amount of beneficial nutrients minerals vitamins and anti-oxidants. Add this versatile spice to breads desserts casseroles and curries. It is an integral part of garam masala in many cuisines. Make sure to add this to your garam masala preparation too!. Shahi Jeera or Dark Cumin Seeds comes from the growers directly. We work closely with farmers from all over India. Our spices is freshly packed in eco bags.Â

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