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  • Add it to scrambled or fried eggs.
  • Add the Tarragon herb to mayonnaise and mustard.s.
  • Adds flavor and can be used in tea.
  • Mix it with olive oil and drizzle the mix on top of roasted vegetables.
  • Add it to fish such as salmon or tuna.
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Tarragon is widely used in classic French cooking particularly as part of the fines herbs blend in béarnaise sauce as well as with chicken fish and vegetables. which goes well with foods we associate with spring: salmon chicken eggs and baby vegetables like artichokes fava beans asparagus and carrots. Leaves of tarragon inserted under the skin of a chicken before it is roasted permeate the flesh with its flavor. The light to dark green leaves shall have a pleasant aromatic anise-like odor and possess a bittersweet and herbal taste. Tarragon is a leafy green herb widely used in French cuisine. Tarragon is a key ingredient in the French herb blend herbs de Provence. It is widely used to highlight the flavor of other herbs and adds a distinguishing touch to dressing salads and sauces. It is a herb that comes from the sunflower family. It's widely used for flavoring fragrance and medicinal purposes. It has a subtle taste and pairs well with dishes. French Tarragon has a pungent licorice-like paste due to the presence of estragole an organic compound that gives fennel anise and tarragon distinct flavors.
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