Curry Patta Powder 200gms Kadi Patha Powder
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  • Kadi patta or curry leaves is a staple in Indian dishes. Commonly used as seasoning this leaf adds a special flavour to every dish. But there is more to the humble curry leaf than simply flavour. P... (Read More)
Curry leaves or kadi patta are popular in India because of its aroma and striking taste. The curry leaf tree was originally grown in India for its aromatic leaves. It slowly made way to many Asian kitchens because of its amazing and distinct flavour. Curry leaves are an essential ingredient in Kadhi Pakoda which is quite a popular delicacy in many parts of the country. Besides curry leaves can be added to numerous dishes. However there is much more to curry leaves apart from their distinct flavour. Curry leaves can also be used for weight loss. They are rich in Vitamin A B C and B2. Curry leaves are also said to be good sources of iron and calcium. Because of this reason curry leaves are used as part of folklore medicine to treat calcium deficiency and several other conditions.