Authentic Rolled Oats,1kg (35.27 oz)

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Bullet Point 1:
This is a Vegetarian product, Specialty:Low Carb, No Preservatives
Bullet Point 2:
Nutritionally Superior To Instant Oats
Bullet Point 3:
Healthy Grain, Gluten Free
Bullet Point 4:
Boosts Energy And Can Be Used Post Workouts

Our premium Rolled oats are made from the whole oat kernel that is flattened through rollers. Thick oats also go through a special process allowing the counteraction of the enzyme leading to the rancidity of the grain. This method stabilizes the product and therefore provides it a longer shelf life.The Raw Factory is a humble beginning which is making healthy living, simple and easy. We at RAW, have unlocked the life-transforming benefits of pure, natural, traditional ingredients just for you. After years of learning and extensive research, we have come up with the finest range of natural and healthy foods. Sourced directly, taking care of the highest quality; our products deliver amazing benefits. Our products are ridiculously easy to incorporate, of the impeccable quality and having a transformative impact. With The Raw Factory you’ll only get the best- so that you can experience the wonderful results yourself. This is the reason why our customers feel the difference.