Authentic Raw Pumpkin Seeds, 500gm (17.63 oz)

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Bullet Point 1:
This is a Vegetarian product
Bullet Point 2:
Excellent source of plant-based omega- 3 fatty acids
Bullet Point 3:
Rich in amino acid tryptophan 
Bullet Point 4:
Rich in minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc and copper

Our Raw Pumpkin Seeds are delicious and nutritious, so you can enjoy them as a snack without any extra preparation. Their natural flavor is rich and nutty, so it can complement a variety of dishes. They taste particularly well in salads, cookies, and granolas. However, pumpkin seeds butter and pesto are also quite amazing and very good for you because of the extraordinary nutritional profile of the kernels. Eaten right out of the bag or soaked, sprouted, seasoned and dehydrated, we love to sprinkle pumpkin seeds on everything!The Raw Factory is a humble beginning which is making healthy living, simple and easy. We at RAW, have unlocked the life-transforming benefits of pure, natural, traditional ingredients just for you. After years of learning and extensive research, we have come up with the finest range of natural and healthy foods. Sourced directly, taking care of the highest quality; our products deliver amazing benefits. Our products are ridiculously easy to incorporate, of the impeccable quality and having a transformative impact. With The Raw Factory you’ll only get the best- so that you can experience the wonderful results yourself. This is the reason why our customers feel the difference.