Kodo Cookies 75 Gm Each (Pack of 5)
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  • These cookies are rich in Iron content .
  • Made from farm fresh and organic foxtail millets and other organic ingredients like whole wheat flour, edible vegetable oil and jaggery.
  • Qua... (Read More)
BlissTree is known for its high-quality natural health food products. The ideology of this brand is to bring back the lost glories of food heritage and to make individuals lead a solid and refreshingly cheerful life. With three decades of expertise in collecting the purest form of traditional grains from the selective farmers who involved in natural farming practices, BlissTree is working to raise awareness of healthy eating and sustainable living to the public. Making part of daily diet, BlissTree products will be contributing wholesome nutrition to the public that will enable them to combat modern-day ailments and lead a healthy life with much more happiness, love and care.

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