Aam Papad Slice Bar (Tasty Mango Bars) 200gm (7.05 OZ) By Dilkhush

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Bullet Point 1:
Prepare Aam Papad Slice Bar (Tasty Mango Bars) get a few mangoes and extract 3 cups full of pulp.
Bullet Point 2:
Add the mangopulp sugar and cardamom powder in a pan and place it on the gas to boil.
Bullet Point 3:
After it comes to boil cook for 5-8 minutes while you stir continuously until the pulp thickens and slightly changes its colour.
Bullet Point 4:
Grease a plate or tray with ghee pour the cooked mango mix on the plate and spread it out thinly to allow them to dry.,Now keep this plate out in the sun to dry. If the sun's heat is strong then the Aam Papad will be dried and ready by evening. If you pour the Mango mixture to alarge plate and very thin then you can take out the whole strip fold them a couple of times and then cut with a knife.

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