Schezwan Sauce - Indian Handmade Dip Chutney 200 GR (7.05 oz) by Fouziya's Cooking
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  • This is a  Vegetarian product.
  • Organic dried red chillies, Organic sunflower oil, Ginger, Fresh tomato puree, garlic, Fruit vinegar, Coriander leaf, Chives, Natural soya sauce, Organic su... (Read More)
Perhaps the only 100% Natural Schezwan Sauce. The unique flavour that results from using naturally brewed soy in this schezwan sauce has to tasted to be believed. It packs quite a punch into your stir fries, veg or non-veg dishes and tastes just as good as a spicy dip. And yes, before we forget to mention, ours is perhaps the only 100% Natural Schezwan Sauce in India. .

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