Roasted Seeds 400gms Healthy Roasted Seeds Roasted & Salted Seeds Mix Roasted Seeds for Eating
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  • Roasted Seeds Mix The richest source of antioxidants
  • Roasted Seeds Contains several vitamins such as vitamin A vitamin C and vitamin B2.
  • Seeds For Eating Rich in fibre and essential... (Read More)
High protein high dietary fiber no gluten no GMO zero trans fat zero cholesterol. Healthy seeds for eating Good for an active lifestyle. Low in fat calories and sodium ideal for weight watchers. High in proteins and anti oxidants slows the ageing process and keeps diseases away. Rich source of minerals folic acid calcium and Iron. Improves digestion immunity mental health stop urinary tract infections. Healthy Raw Seeds with ultra healthy combination of Raw Seeds which give you your daily intake of nutrients. Time to be happy lovely and healthy. Seeds For Eating Seeds Combo Seeds Mixture Healthy Raw Seeds 400gms

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