Pine Nuts with Shell 100gms Chilgoza Dry Fruit Chilgoza Pine Nuts
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  • (Chilgoza Dry Fruit) Pine nuts are full of minerals and vitamins which play an important role to improve your overall health
  • Chilgoza Pine Nuts They can be eaten raw have a soft texture and... (Read More)
Size:100 GramsPine nuts are merely the edible seeds of pine trees. Scientifically called Pinus gerardiana the pine tree is native to eastern Afghanistan Pakistan and northwestern India and grows at elevations between 1800 and 3350 meters. Also called ‘pignon’ in French ‘piñones’ in Spanish ‘pinienkernen’ in German and ‘koukounari’ in Greek there are 20 species of pine trees that produce pine seeds. The most commonly harvested pine seeds come from four pine tree varieties – the Mexican pinon the Colorado pinon the Chinese nut pine and the Italian stone pine. Chilgoza Pine Nuts 100gm Chilgoza Dry Fruit 100gm

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