Peanuts Salted Roasted 400gms Salted Peanuts Roasted Peanuts Salted Peanuts Roasted Grade A Salted Peanuts
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  • Peanuts Salted Roasted Excellent source of vital nutrients.
  • Peanuts Salted And Roasted is Excellent snack for anytime of the day. For everyone
  • A handful of peanuts contain 6 grams o... (Read More)
Selected peanuts are dry roasted in small batches for gourmet flavor and carefully blanched to give a perfect crunch. Salt is uniformly mixed which in combination offer a great snacking experience that you are sure to love. Enjoy a delicious yet healthy snack choice. Everyone loves peanuts! Excellent snack for any time of the day. Ideal for everyone. Roasted without salt. Skin of peanuts has been removed (blanched). Completely Hands-free Hygienic packaging as per International Standards Roasted Healthy Snack Non-Fried Skin Removed peanuts roasted peanuts raw peanuts salted peanuts raw peanuts 400gms peanuts salted peanuts peanuts salted peanuts roasted salted roasted peanuts salted

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