Healthy Delicious Blueberry Plums | High Protein Fiber Gluten Free 70 gm (Pack of 2)
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  • Package Includes: 100% Vegetarian natural & healthy rich in protein Sweet and Delicious Blueberry Plums - 70 Grams Pack of 2
  • Perfect combination of Plums Blueberry Juice
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Plums are naturally a bit tart but with the sheer amount of nutrition they posses we thought we should do something to make them tasty! We couldn't obviously add lots of sugar to it so we decided to do something Out Of The Box! And so we came out with Blueberry Plums. Yes you read it correctly! These are dried plums with a bit of naturally sweet Blueberry Juice infused into it. The result is just phenomenal! You get the best of both worlds when it comes to taste while also getting max nutrition from it. NO way you cannot try this one out! PS - Contains a seed recommend you to keep a tissue/bowl handy for proper clean disposal. Do not litter!

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