Macadamia Nuts 250gms
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  • The sweet macadamia nuts are rich source of energy and excellent source of minerals and other nutrients rich in vitamin b complex
  • Macadamia nut contain high amounts of vitamin b1 and magnes... (Read More)
Size:250GramsThese macadamia nuts come from Australia. After the arrival of these nuts at our processing unit we package them very neatly with respect to all compliances and hygienic conditions. These pecan nuts are vacuum packed and then placed in a paper box this helps in retaining the freshness of the nuts. Gourmet Shelled Nuts :- These shelled nuts come in air tight packing so that the nuts are kept crunchy fresh and tasty. The buttery whole macadamia nuts contain no added ingredients and are unsalted. Pure Deliciousness :- These smooth texture nuts are so yummy and tasty that they are just irresistible. This is the reason why macadamia nuts are preferred in everybody’s pallete. Loaded with Health Benefits :- Macadamia nuts are rich in monosaturated fatty acids. They are also a good source of fibers. It contains Vitamin B6 Copper Iron Calcium Potassium and Zinc. Guilt Free Eating :- The nuts are processed free unlike any other unhealthy snack. It provides you with tons of health benefits for people of all age groups. You can include them in your diet without feeling sinned. Add it to your recipe :- These crunchy nuts can be added as an ingredient to your baking cooking deserts and shakes. Can also be used in a variety of other recipes. Perfect for solo snacking too.

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