Greek Black Currants Dry Fruits 250gms
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  • Black currant is a delicious and popular type of berry that packs a nutritious punch and can provide a number of health benefits if you add it to your diet.
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Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) is a small woody and berry-producing shrub that grows widely in Europe and parts of Asia. This shrub is cultivated extensively and grows in the wild producing bunches of dark purple or nearly black colored berries which have a rich and woody smell and a unique sour flavor. While they can be eaten raw these berries are most commonly cooked as this can bring out the sweetness making them more palatable. The active ingredients in this plant can also be found in the leaves and above-ground parts which have been used in various traditional remedies. [1] These plants can now be found in the United States but it was long believed that these berries could spread floral infections so the plants were banned which is why black currant remains much more popular in Europe. Nutritional Facts Nutritionally speaking these small berries are a rich source of vitamin C packing more than 3 times the amount of ascorbic acid you need into less than a one-cup serving. These berries also boast high levels of B vitamins such as thiamin and pantothenic acid. A 100-gram serving only contains 63 calories but a wealth of essential minerals including iron calcium magnesium and copper. [2] This is in addition to the range of antioxidants including anthocyanins and flavonoids which provide even more health benefits. These berries also contain measurable levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids making them quite unique among fruits.

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