Dry Red Coconut Rings Slices 400gms
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  • Dried coconut is delicious eaten by itself as a snack added to hot or cold cereal and as an addition to baked goods. ·It can also be used in smoothies sprinkled on salads or stirred into sautéed ... (Read More)
Size:500 Grams.Crack! The dark fibrous shell breaks and fragrant coconut liquid begins to ooze out. Using a sharp knife you separate the luscious white flesh from its shell. Coconut is a simple dry nut known as a fibrous drupe. It is a hard brown shell surrounding firm coconut meat with liquid in the center. It has a fine oily aroma and a sweet nutty flavour. Remove the coconut from shell. Thinly slice and spread the pieces on a baking pan and bake/oven dry to pale brown color at 200 F. Or simply sun-dry the coconut pieces to golden brown

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