Dried Kokum Rinds 400gms (Garcinia Indica) Brinda Kudampuli

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  • Traditionally Kokum Rinds is used to flavour a large variety of beverages curries candies and pickles.
  • Kokum Rinds has an agreeable flavour and a sweet acidic taste that enhances coconut-based curries. Kokum has the same souring qualities as tamarind and the two are sometimes used interchangeably. Adding a few pieces of kokum to a curry while cooking gives
  • Kokum is sweet but acidic. It has a juicy texture common among other fruits in the mangosteen family: each of the fruit five to eight sections has edible watery yet potent flesh surrounding a malleable flat seed. Dried kokum peel tastes exceptionally sour
  • Kokum has not undergone a formal nutritional analysis. It is however high in vitamin C low in fat and calories low sugar and high in fiber.
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