Anjeer 300gms Anjeer Dry Fruits Figs Dry Fruits Dry Anjeer Figs
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  • Anjeer They are a nutritious snack and good for stamina
  • The dried figs are to be consumed after soaking it in water or milk and it is a known Indian tradition. Otherwise they will always ha... (Read More)
Dry Fruit Hub Anjeer is good in taste and has many health benefits. This is a y quality figs/Anjeer for daily home use. Figs/Anjeer are rich in fiber and many essential minerals such as magnesium manganese calcium copper potassium and vitamins K and B6. The nutritional value of dried figs/Anjeer is more than that of fresh figs. A single dried fig is as good as eating an egg. Figs whether fresh or dried are rich in powerful antioxidants. The health benefits of Figs come from the presence of vitamins minerals and fiber. They are rich in beneficial nutrients including vitamin A vitamin B1 vitamin B2 calcium iron phosphorus sodium and chlorine. Tulsi is a premium flavored nuts and dry fruits brand. Dry Fruit Hub Anjeer has pioneered a new and yummy way to consume the daily dose of healthy nuts and dry fruits. At Tulsi we bring the taste and health together in a single pack in the finest of packing. Anjeer Dry Fruits-300gms anjeer dry fruits anjeer anjeer 300 grams dry figs anjeer

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